Wolverine (Cowl) is a variant costume of Wolverine and a playable character in LEGO Marvel Superheroes.

Appearance in StoryEdit

Wolverine is seen working with other heroes to help stop Doctor Doom from creating a weapon of mass destruction.


Wolverine (Cowl) is brown-orange and yellow and has a cowl worn over the head.


  • Wolverine can skillfully fight in melee range using his claws.
  • He can dig up valuable bricks from beneath mounds of dirt.
  • Wolverine has a special sense similar to Spider-Man in which he can detect special areas to climb on.
  • Wolverine can also climb on walls using his claws to reach special areas. *Wolverine regenerates and never does.



While in game type the cheat code OAW2LB by selecting "Extra" then "Enter Code".


  • The costume resembles that of which is seen in the comics.


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