Thing (Future Foundation) is a playable variation of Thing in LEGO Marvel Superheroes and a member of the Fantastic Four.

Appearances in StoryEdit

Thing is one of the many heroes who helps defend against Doctor Doom and his team of villains and prevent them from creating a weapon of mass destruction.

Thing is seen in the mission, Operation: Latveria in which he attempts to infiltrate Doom's Castle. There Human Torch is knocked out by Green Goblin and the remaining heroes manage to defeat Green Goblin, however Doctor Doom and Loki escape. Thing is later seen at Asteroid M along with Captain America where they battle Magneto and Mystique. The heroes defeat Mystique and Rhino with the help of Storm but Magneto escapes.

Soon after this event Doctor Doom is defeated and Loki reveals his plans to unleash Galactus upon the worlds and with no choice left Nick Fury assembles a team of heroes and villains alike in order to defeat the upcoming threat.


  • Thing (Future Foundation) can use advanced melee attacks with big figure super strength.
  • Thing (Future Foundation) can break through cracked plates.
  • Thing (Future Foundation) can use a ground slam attack.
  • Thing (Future Foundation) can pick up rocks from the ground and throw them at enemies.
  • Thing (Future Foundation) can pull certain handles.


Thing (Future Foundation) can be found through completion of free play in one of the bonus levels.


  • Thing (Future Foundation) has a costume that resembles a jumpsuit, unlike his standard outfit which is just shorts.