The Scarecrow's Bi-Plane is a playable vehicle in LEGO Batman: The Videogame which appears in Episode 3: The Joker's Return. Scarecrow uses his biplane to rain terror on the citizens of Gotham City from the skies, causing havoc with his  gas bombs.

Appearances in Story Edit

The Scarecrow's Biplane appears in two levels: Flight of the Bat and Biplane Blast. In "Flight of the Bat" Scarecrow flies in between the Batwing and Bat-copter as Batman & Robin are saluting each other. The two heroes follow after the biplane and defeat it at the end of the level, resulting in its destruction.

In "Biplane Blast" the biplane is a playable vehicle alongside The Joker's Helicopter. They both fly past a policeman on night duty (dropping his coffee) at the beginning of the level. The two villains then reach a Police Helicopter, which they destroy. Afterwards Scarecrow flies away and unwittingly and accidentally swoops up a man by the scruff of his plane. The man drops off when Scarecrow makes a sharp turn.


The Scarecrow Bi-plane features an anachronistic style exemplified by its double wings with rotors. The plane itself has artillery on either side as well as compartments to drop bombs.

The Scarecrow's Biplane can loop-the-loop, corkscrew and make sharp turns. It can also fire fear gas bombs picked up from certain points on rooftops. These can distract missile launcher sensors and destroy enemies and barriers.


Scarecrow's Bi-plane can be unlocked in free play.


  • The Scarecrow's Bi-plane is one of the only antique style planes in the LEGO Batman series.

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