"Holding up Grand Central during rush hour? Now that's criminal."

-Iron Man

Sand Central Station is the first chapter in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Storyline Edit

After the drop out of the Silver Surfer, Sandman and Abomination are holding up Grand Central Station so that the sandy shifter and can obtain Cosmic Bricks. Meanwhile, Iron Man is flying through Manhattan and notices sand in Grand Central. After landing, Iron Man is joined by Hulk. After smashing through the wreckage, Hulk battles Abomination - ending in Abomination thrown through the window.

Afterwards, Hulk and Iron Man battle Sandman inside the station. Sandman then moves to the roof. While on the roof, Hulk and Iron Man are joined by Spider-Man. The three finish off Sandman. Later, Iron Man goes with Nick Fury while Hulk stays behind to help clean up.


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