Rhino is an enemy of Spider-Man who appears in LEGO Marvel Superheroes.

Appearances in StoryEdit

Rhino is seen in the Dinosaur island and serves as one of the major bosses that the player must defeat in order to progress into the following stages. During this boss battle Rhino rams into pumpkins and the player must dodge his oncoming attacks.


  • Rhino can use advanced melee attacks with super-strength.
  • Rhino can use ranged attack by throwing rocks.
  • Rhino can break cracked plates.
  • Rhino can pull green handles.
  • Rhino can use a ground pound attack.
  • Rhino features hazard protection.




Rhino can be unlocked through completion of storymode.



  • Rhino's set variant unlike his videogame variant consists of several jointed pieces.


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