Polka-Dot Man is a minor enemy of Batman who appers in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

Appearances in StoryEdit

Polka-Dor Man does not have a major role in the story but is thought to have aided Brainiac in his mission to use the power of the lantern rings to shrink the planet into miniature size.


  • Polka-Dot Man can use basic melee attacks such as punches and kicks.
  • Polka-Dot Man can bypass LEGO grates.
  • Polka-Dot Man can hit ranged targets with polka dots.
  • Polka-Dot Man can use the ability of flight.


Polka-Dot Man can be unlocked in the Batcave after completing Kevin Smith's mission to defeat a certain number of henchmen.


  • Polka-Dot Man's walking style easily defines him as an out of the box character.