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Welcome to LEGO Marvel DC Wiki!
The encyclopedia for the LEGO Marvel and DC universe.
We currently have 16,585 edits on 1,002 articles since December 2013.

Home to all LEGO superheroes and villains. From the notorious Lex Luthor to the heroic Spider-Man. Any LEGO Marvel/DC game or LEGO Marvel/DC set can be found here easily. If you feel anything is missing feel free to add a new page or edit an existing one! 

Contribute, Discover, and Share

Share your knowledge on this wiki, don't be shy, it's all free! Discover new facts as you edit and share your own. Help make this wiki a much better place by expanding its articles and posting pictures and/or videos! However, please read the rules before hand so that you won't be banned for breaking them. To see all characters across all the super hero video games go here.

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