Mark 39 is one of Iron Man's Iron Suits that appears on the portable LEGO Marvel Superheroes and in LEGO Marvel's Avengers.

Appearances in StoryEdit

Iron Man (Mark 39) commonly appears in the story mode as various suits. In the first level Iron Man alongside Hulk attempt to rid Grand Central Station of Sandman and Abomination. Hulk effortlessly takes down Abomination but Sandman retreats. Spider-Man arrives and aids in the defeat of Sandman. After defeating Sandman, Iron Man continues to his next mission in The Raft.

Iron Man teams up with Hulk in order to head to the raft. They meet Wolverine along the way and together they battle Whiplash, Leader, and Sabretooth, who then proceed to Red Skull, Rhino, Loki, and Mandarin. Eventually Magneto arrives and destroys Iron-Man's suit and Wolverine battles Sabretooth while Hulk battles Abomination again. They manage to fight off most of the villains but Magneto escaped.

Captain America then teams up with Iron-Man to go to Stark Towers only to find the entire place hacked. Captain America and Iron-Man then head on to battle Aldrich Killian and the Mandarin. Mandarin steals Iron-Man's Hulkbuster Armor, however Iron-man and his other suits were able to defeat Mandarin. Iron-Man and Thor track down Doctor Doom at the submarine. Spider-Man along with Jean Grey arrive to help out. They manage to defeat M.O.D.O.K but the submarine begins to sink. Luckily, the team was able to escape but were thrown into an island by Magneto.

Afterwards, Iron-Man defeats Magneto using his Stark Jet. With only two villains left the team splits up. Thor and Iron-Man defeat Loki, who reveals his plan to destroy the world with Galactus. With no choice left, Nick Fury assembles a team of heroes and villains alike to defeat Galactus.


  • Iron Man (Mark 39) can use basic melee attacks such as punches and kicks.
  • Iron Man (Mark 39) can shoot ranged projectiles.
  • Iron Man (Mark 39) can use the ability of flight.


Unlocking Edit

LEGO Marvel SuperheroesEdit

Iron Man (Mark 39) is unlocked in free play.

LEGO Marvel's AvengersEdit

Iron Man (Mark 39) is unlocked through purchase of the Explorer DLC.


  • Iron Man (Mark 39) is one of the few suits with a white and silver color scheme. Most suits follow the red, gold, orange and yellow color scheme.