Hulk (Minifig) is a variation of Hulk that appears in the portable LEGO Marvel Superheroes.

Appearances in StoryEdit

Hulk (Minifig) is seen in the storymode as the default Hulk fighting along with other heroes against Doctor Doom and his team of villains.

Hulk is found in the very first stage working side-by-side with Iron Man and helping him defeat Abomination and Sandman. Hulk fights Abomination and manages to defeat him, however Sandman carries the villains outside. Along with Spider-Man the heroes were able to defeat Sandman.

Hulk is again seen working with Iron Man at The Raft where many villains are held. There the heroes encounter Wolverine who was tracking down Sabretooth, who is breaking out villains with Mystique. Many villains begin to escape and Hulk as well as Wolverine chase down Sabretooth and Abomination. Hulk manages to defeat Abomination and Sabretooth but the majority of villains escape.

Hulk is later seen working with Mister Fantastic as well as Wolverine to find where Magneto is. The heroes discover that Magneto is on Liberty Island, and Magneto unleashes the Statue of Liberty unto the heroes.

The final appearance of Hulk is in the last level, when Hulk along with many other heroes team to defeat Galactus.


  • Hulk (Minifig) exhibits super-strength
  • Hulk (Minifig) can perform a thunderclap.


Hulk (Minifig) can be unlocked in free play.



  • Hulk (Minifig) is the first variation of Hulk before he is adapted into a big figure.