HYDRA is a villainous team which appears in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, LEGO Marvel's Avengers and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.

Appearances in StoryEdit

LEGO Marvel Super HeroesEdit

In LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, HYDRA is seen in the middle of the storymode where the heroes were forced to infiltrate a HYDRA base located in the Empire State Building. The heroes takedown Red Skull and Arnim Zola before hastily leaving the HYDRA base.

LEGO Marvel's AvengersEdit

In LEGO Marvel's Avengers, HYDRA is seen guarding and protecting Loki's staff from the heroes. The Avengers are then called into action to retrieve the staff from Baron von Strucker.

In the free roam HYDRA has a secret base located in the Washington D.C. hub world.



HYDRA's first major enemy during its early stages was Captain America and Allied troops during the World Wars. However as the team developed they came across many more enemies including the Avengers.

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