Exploratory Laboratory is the third level in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Storyline Edit

After Black Widow and Hawkeye are dropped off, they inform Mister Fantastic that he is needed elsewhere. Black Widow and Hawkeye then proceed to track down the Green Goblin to Oscorp Tower. Once inside, the two meet up with Spider-Man. After the three get off the elevator, the Green Goblin flies by – with Hawkeye trying to shoot arrows, but instead getting his quiver stuck in the elevator door. Spider-Man, Hawkeye, and Black Widow then proceed to the main office, where the Green Goblin is waiting for them. The Goblin then ejects the superheroes, and then talks with Doctor Doom. The three heroes, meanwhile, end up in the basement. While trying to return to the top, they run into Venom - who they defeat.

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