Doctor Doom is a major villain as well as a playable character in LEGO Marvel Superheroes and is featured in a few Marvel Super Heroes sets.

Appearances in StoryEdit

Doctor Doom assembles a large team of villains and attempts to create a weapon of mass destruction from the remnants of Silver Surfer's broken board.

He is mostly seen collaborating with other villains until one of the final battles in which the heroes find Doctor Doom's base and find Doctor Doom as well as Loki in the base. The heroes then easily defeat Doctor Doom and Loki reveals his true plans to unleash Galactus unto Earth.


  • Doctor Doom can punch and kick in melee range.
  • Doctor Doom can shoot lightning as a ranged attack.



Complete Story Mode Level 14: A Doom With A View.



  • Doctor Doom is from Latveria, a fictional country created by Marvel.