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Latin Simone

Dad .VS. Stepdad:Edit


No. Come on Philip.

What are you going?

You are supposed to be my best friend.

Are you just gonna leave?

Well you can take her then.

I can't take her. Okay I am not welcome back

after what I said. Was it fantastic idea.

That was out then.

Yes that is out so it's just gonna to be you.

Sorry Jordan I was can't do that okay?


What do you mean you can't do that?

I can't stay inside the white lines.

Okay Philip the white lines is for everybody's safety.

It's not about the white lines.

Philip you just said was about the....

The white lines are metaphor Jordan.

I'm not real domestic guy. Okay?

Come on Philip man. What are you talking about?

You're a strengh you're a beautiful and you're a greatest man.

You must be a went to cinema to see Ralph Breaks The Internet I am ever seen.

I don't like a cinema Jordan all right? Come on you can't just say Ralph Breaks The Internet anymore.

I know it! I know it. I know that from beginning of the tales.

Well you said it was about Ralph Breaks The Internet if you seen this before.

No Jordan I don't like a cinema.

Why did you said not like a cinema?

Because I want to win.

I just told you when I was good man or not. Okay?

Are you good is it this you wanted to hear that?

Shannon said it was a big difference.


Boys does always do.

Yeah and a other great parents?

That kid was playing online the Internet.

Do you know about it's this?

Well you can't just ride my motorbike to house with the Mighty Micros anymore.

They playing some kind of a Game Night?

Yeah that's a shameless.

Well you don't stand it right back it before you lose it you piece of shit.

Philip look I hate the Donard School like that too okay?

If what are we do about this?

That's what boys do it's take that bitch. It's what are we have to do it.

I can't Jordan. I take a bitch just like you do. You take this a bitch.

And that's what I mean because I got cover in my heartbreaker.

Thank you Philip.

I'm sorry Jordan I can't.

Can't do that man.

Because you made a promise you're gonna have to keep it.

Ow! Ouch! Did you hit my face Jordan?

Ouch yes!

I mean you have no choice of you right now?

Yeah I know you what I mean.

If you take down in the Lurgan would you?

Yeah I believe I would to do.

Come on Jordan.

Have a great day Philip.

What? Oh no no you have to come with me Jordan.

It just.... Look if I can't even to see Shannon Dunn after what I said.

Shannon loves you Jordan.

You said it I mean but look you're just look like when you lost with her.

I am lost with her.

Okay then that's it good now let's go come on.

Ugh.... I am look very horrible.

Yep I believe you can do it.

Come here Jordan.

Philip what are you doing?

Stay still I'll try to fix you up Jordan.

Philip get your hands off my trainers!

Calm down okay?

It was very winky Philip.

Yes I know. But i'm trying to fix you man.

Okay? You see?

Oh! I am just look greatest perfect.

Well there you go then.

It's just a unbeatable.

Come on Jordan.

( Philip you can't just take your motorbike on your own and you need the car from Charles Hurst. )


Morty! Why did you do this to me? You bastard.