The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is a team found in the Marvel universe that appears in the game LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Appearances in StoryEdit

Many members of the Brotherhood were first seen when they escaped the Raft during a massive prison breakout.

The team was later seen infiltrating the X-Mansion by directly sending villains there to deter the heroes under orders from Doctor Doom. Some Brotherhood members who were sent to the X-Mansion include Juggernaut, Mystique and Magneto.



The major enemy of the Brotherhood is the X-Men however some individuals of the Brotherhood are known to be major villains of different heroes including the famous superhero team, the Avengers.


  • The Brotherhood, unlike the X-Men, are not directly mentioned in the storymode, but are recognized as a team nonetheless as they act in unison and are seen in missions together frequently.

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